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Welcome to the roadmap to optimal health through all stages of womanhood.

Get access to discounted programs before, during and after pregnancy, alongside quarterly updates on recent research within women's health. 

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What's best to look out for before trying to conceive? Get my top tips on everything from exercise to nutrition. 


Are you pregnant for the first time? Then you probably have a lot of questions on what is safe leading up to the big day. See below for the specifics in each trimester.

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It can be challenging to know if your body is ready to start working out again after labour, especially after a traumatic birth. This will guide you in the right direction.  


My name is Emma Borgaas. 

I'm a Chiropractor with a passion for women's health. My love for women's health started when I moved overseas for my studies. As I worked part time alongside full time studies, my stress levels went through the roof and I was quick to develop hormonal imbalances. I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) shortly after and was eager to find a cure to this hormonal b******* us women have to go through. 

Many hours have been spent both in the library and at home researching this syndrome along with many other issues within women's health. I am now more in control of my body than I ever have been and I'm keen to share my knowledge with other likeminded women! 

I'm sertified in pre- and postnatal fitness, and have taken numerous courses on pregnancy and paediatrics. I adore working with women through all stages of conception, birth and beyond. Alignwithemma came to life when I first started working and I will continue to share this space with anyone who needs it for as long as I possibly can. 

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I'm a qualified Chiropractor and utilize different techniques that are individualised based on age and preferance. 


I adore working with women before, during and after pregnancy.


I'm sertified in pre- and postnatal fitness and teach group fitness classes.


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