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Paediatric Development - Tummy Time

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Let's talk about tummy time!

Tummy time is one of the most important exercises you can give your baby.

Why you may ask?

  • It helps your baby develop and strengthen core muscles of the neck, back and shoulders.

  • It may prevent conditions such as Positional Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and Torticollis (twisted neck).

  • It promotes gross motor skills

  • It also prepares them for more the complicated milestones like rolling over, sitting upright and crawling.

How soon can we do it?

As soon as you´re home from the hospital!

If your baby doesn't like it, don't stress! Start slowly and build up to longer sessions as they get more comfortable with it.

Below are some general tips to get your baby on their tummy.

  1. Place bub on your lap face down

  2. Hold bub with one arm under their tummy and between the legs while using the other hand to support their head and neck

  3. Get down on their level and face them while they're on their tummy

  4. Lay them on your chest

Chiropractors who are trained in Paediatrics will assess your baby's development and can help your baby alleviate stress and tension while they reach their developmental milestones.

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