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This is a meant to be a light to moderate exercise program. At any point you should be able to hold a conversation. In both trimester 2 and 3, it is advised to not exercise on your back as it puts increased weight on a major vein. Some of the following exercises are on the back so please do them in the correct order as listed.


This program includes 1x pelvic floor activation, 1x warm-up routine, 1x stretching routine, 2x lower body strength workouts, 2x upper body strength workouts and 2x full body conditioning workouts. You should aim to do 2-3 workouts every week during the third trimester. Don't forget to warm up and activate your pelvic floor before you start your workout and stretch when you're done.


Once you get the hang of it and you want to challenge yourself, try doing all exercises on one leg at a time then repeat them on the other leg. When you do the second round, start with the other leg.


Equipment needed:


  • Mat
  • Resistance band
  • 2kg weights
  • Water

Trimester 3

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